Smile Through The Trail,Push To Success AND Stop Bein' A Mess

Well I have just finished my workout for today!  I was hit with that saying "no pain, no gain".  I guess that is true but for me it just causes me to focus on the "pain"  only. So I have changed my way of thinking when it comes to getting back into shape and meeting my fitness goals. 


That's right.  I am talking to all of us who have made some kind of fitness goal and as soon as it gets a bit tough we want to quit!  Quitting is always an option but it is an option that will NOT help us meet our fitness goals. Let's choose to look at our option and decision to get in shape as:
  • positive
  • worth doing 
  • improving the overall quality of our life
  • life affirming
  • wellness for our mind, body and spirit. 
After my workout today, I have to tell you I felt such a since of accomplishment and well being. Those endorphins started going and all of a sudden this smile came to my spirit. That is when I decided to "smile through the trail, push to success and stop bein' a mess".  Yup the workout is tough, but the benefits are worth it! 

Here is the work out in case you missed it! 


  1. Way to go! That is a perfect way to look at things, quitting or stopping midstream only means we have to start over once again, whereas keeping it going means we are just that much closer to our goals.


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