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Bored with Your Workout? Try these New Forms of Work-Out!

I have fallen off the fitness wagon.  Yes, I have to admit it has been two months since I have done my regular exercise routine.  Now I have to admit that I do always do something everyday, I have to I will go nuts!  But my intense, well planned, sweat inducing and sometimes painful exercise routine has flown out the window. 

After much soul searching (yeah right about 10 minutes) I decided that there was mainly one reason for my routine take a hiatus.  I WAS BORED!  Yup I got bored with my routine.  Imagine that?  But you know what, getting bored with your daily exercise regime can get boring.

The exercise and fitness guru's all say that it is important to change your routine, at least every three months.  You want to make sure you inevitably meet the goals you have set for yourself when it comes to exercising but you don't have to do the same thing every time.  Switch it up a bit, or alot.  There are plenty of ways to stay in shape and stay interested and engaged in what yo…