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Jumpstart Your Feel Good Happy Hormones with These Foods

Many of us have attributed our bad moods at one time or another to be "hormonal".  I know I have! Other times it is the stress that drains us and rob us of any good mood we may have had before the stress started!   

I used to wish I could have a happy pill to get rid of that "bad mood, cantankerous" feeling.  But,  I don't believe in using pharmaceuticals when it comes to enhancing moods (just my opinion).  I am always trying to find healthy and holistic ways to improve my emotional and physical health.  T

There are "happy" foods that are healthy and can help boost those feel-good hormones that sometimes get depleted.  Here are some foods that can help boost our happy hormones and put us in a "better mood".

Spinach - high in iron and magnesium, but also high in a class of chemicals that help us to feel "stimulated" These chemicals in spinach help to release Dopamine the same chemicals used for anti-depressants.  Dopamine gives you a s…