Jumpstart Your Feel Good Happy Hormones with These Foods

Many of us have attributed our bad moods at one time or another to be "hormonal".  I know I have! Other times it is the stress that drains us and rob us of any good mood we may have had before the stress started!   

I used to wish I could have a happy pill to get rid of that "bad mood, cantankerous" feeling.  But,  I don't believe in using pharmaceuticals when it comes to enhancing moods (just my opinion).  I am always trying to find healthy and holistic ways to improve my emotional and physical health.  T

There are "happy" foods that are healthy and can help boost those feel-good hormones that sometimes get depleted.  Here are some foods that can help boost our happy hormones and put us in a "better mood".

  • Spinach - high in iron and magnesium, but also high in a class of chemicals that help us to feel "stimulated" These chemicals in spinach help to release Dopamine the same chemicals used for anti-depressants.  Dopamine gives you a sense of well-being and helps to stimulate happy and pleasurable senses in the brain.
  • Oily Fish - the fatty acids and omega 3  in oily fish stabilize our brains.  Salmon, sardines, trout, herring and mackerel are all examples of oil fish. 
  • Mussels - are not only delicious they are wonderful for helping your body regulate your mood.  The iodine, selenium, and zinc are very good for your thyroid which also can have an impact on your mood and overall health.
  • Asparagus - are great for enhancing the feel good hormones because they are full of serotonin (feel good hormone) and tryptophan which boosts happy hormones.  ( you can also  find it  in turkey breast) 
  • Egg Yolks - while they can be high in cholesterol ( so if you have high cholesterol you may want to skip this food) egg yolks are high in choline which aids in increasing your mental sharpness and positive attitude. They also contain trypotophan a happy hormone booster. 

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