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DeStress The Mess- 5 Ways To Kick Stress In The Butt In Mid-Life and Beyond!!

Many times how we start our day is how our day will go.  It is very important that we develop an early morning ritual that puts us in a positive state of mind. A morning ritual that is always looking for the joy and good throughout your day.

Below is an abbreviated form of my "Start Your Day In A Positive Way" morning ritual.   I go into more detail in my course "DeStress The Mess" 

5 Ways To Kick Stress In The Butt  At The Beginning of Your Day

Prayer – every morning like clockwork I go into prayer with my prayer line.  There are 12 of us and we pray every morning at 4:50am 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  There are some mornings that I can barely keep my eyes open, or I zone out because perhaps I dozed off, but most mornings I get out of bed, go to my prayer room and start my prayers.  We each take turns requesting prayer and then one person prays on behalf of everyone.   I have to say it gives me something to look forward to each day.   Many times it has jump-sta…

7 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas To Jump Start Your Day


How To Live A Life With Passion - Five Testimonies From Five Women Who Are Succeeding In Living Their Passions and Dreams

I recently started a new show "Wellness Woman".  This show highlights women who are thriving after 40 by pursuing the true dreams in their life. Their stories are inspiring, their wisdom is valuable, and their passion for living a life is infectious.  I enjoyed interviewing all of them!  They are truly Wellness Women!

Dr.Andrea Pennington - Integrative Physician, Founder of SensualityTV, Ex-Patriot Living In Paris Living A Radiant Life 

AnYes Vanrhijn - Business Strategist, Queen of Re-Invention, Guru Never Too Late to Pursue Your Dreams

Jenny Wagstaff - Psychotherapist, Founder of WomenConnectOnly, Passionate Networker Connecting With Your Passion

Teresa Maron - Energy Healer, Retreat Expert,  Re-Connecting Women To Their Spiritual Wellness Off The Grid - Out of This World

Cindy Marzzaferro - Intuition Expert, Motivational Healer, Tapping The Power Within Embracing The Power With Through Intuition 

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