Tuesday, June 7, 2016

How To Live A Life With Passion - Five Testimonies From Five Women Who Are Succeeding In Living Their Passions and Dreams

I recently started a new show "Wellness Woman".  This show highlights women who are thriving after 40 by pursuing the true dreams in their life. Their stories are inspiring, their wisdom is valuable, and their passion for living a life is infectious.  I enjoyed interviewing all of them!  They are truly Wellness Women!

Dr.Andrea Pennington - Integrative Physician, Founder of SensualityTV, Ex-Patriot Living In Paris

AnYes Vanrhijn - Business Strategist, Queen of Re-Invention, Guru

Jenny Wagstaff - Psychotherapist, Founder of WomenConnectOnly, Passionate Networker

Teresa Maron - Energy Healer, Retreat Expert,  Re-Connecting Women To Their Spiritual Wellness

Cindy Marzzaferro - Intuition Expert, Motivational Healer, Tapping The Power Within

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