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Walk the Talk - An Emotional Journey to Wellness

We all have values we esteem to live by, ethics we strive to achieve, and morals we want to be defined by ...this clip says it so well. Each of us at one time or another has been faced with approaching life with the best of intentions and then something happens and we fall short. The blessing is that tomorrow is another day, another chance to get it right, another opportunity to "Walk the Talk"

How Can "Health Foods Be Unhealthy For You?"

There are many of us who are dieting and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. We exercise and go out of our way to eat the best foods we can. Most of us already know that trans-fats, white sugar and white flour are not the best health choices, especially if we want to keep our weight down. Unfortunately some of the very foods that we think are healthy are ones that can cause a lot of trouble for our bodies, and even make us ill. Below is a list of some surprisingly unhealthy “health foods.”

Soy Products
This is one of the most surprising ones of all, after all soy has been used for countless generations in Asia. But the way we now use soy is very different than the way the Asians have traditionally used it. The ancient Asians knew that the soybean was hard to digest, so they had extensive fermenting processes that broke down most of the indigestible components, making it much healthier to eat. Examples of this would be products like soy sauce, tempeh, and miso. These were used in smal…

How Do Fruits Help Your Health?

Although we are told over and over again that eating fruit is good for you -do you really know why that is? We all know about the apple a day thing but what about the rest of the fruits. Why are they supposed to be so GOOD for us? Take a look at the list below. Here are just a few reasons why you should eat these fruits (this is a small list but you'll get the idea)

Apples - Protects your heart, prevents constipation, blocks diarrhea improves lung capacity, cushions joints

- Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, saves your eyesights, shields against Alzheimer's and slows aging process

Artichokes - aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar,guards against liver disease

Avocados - battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps stops strokes, controls blood pressure, smoothes skin

Bananas- protects your heart,quiets a cough, strengthens bones,controls blood pressure,blocks diarrhea

Beans - prevents constipation, helps hemorrho…