Saturday, June 18, 2011

How Do Fruits Help Your Health?

Although we are told over and over again that eating fruit is good for you -do you really know why that is? We all know about the apple a day thing but what about the rest of the fruits. Why are they supposed to be so GOOD for us? Take a look at the list below. Here are just a few reasons why you should eat these fruits (this is a small list but you'll get the idea)

Apples - Protects your heart, prevents constipation, blocks diarrhea improves lung capacity, cushions joints

- Combats cancer, controls blood pressure, saves your eyesights, shields against Alzheimer's and slows aging process

Artichokes - aids digestion, lowers cholesterol, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar,guards against liver disease

Avocados - battles diabetes, lowers cholesterol, helps stops strokes, controls blood pressure, smoothes skin

Bananas- protects your heart,quiets a cough, strengthens bones,controls blood pressure,blocks diarrhea

Beans - prevents constipation, helps hemorrhoids, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, stabilizes blood sugar

Beets - controls blood pressure, combats cancer, strengthens bones, protects your heart, aids weight loss

Blueberries - combats cancer, protects your heart, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts memory, prevents constipation

Broccoli - strengthens bones, saves eyesight, combats cancer protects your heart, controls blood pressure

Cabbage - combats cancer, prevents constipation, promotes weight loss,protects your heart, helps hemorrhoids

Cantaloupe - saves eyesight, controls blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, combats cancer, supports immune system

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