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Fun and Holistic Ways to Reduce The Impact of Stress On Your Body

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We live in a stressed out anxiety ridden society.  There seems to be a direct correlation between the advancement of technology and the increase of stress and anxiety.  In the national Stress in America survey, an annual analysis by Harris Interactive for the American Psychological Association, 35% of adults polled since 2007 reported feeling more stress this year compared with last year, and 53% said they received little or no support from their health care providers in coping with that heightened stress. The survey involved more than 2,000 U.S. adults ages 18 and older who answered an online survey in August 2012.

Stress and anxiety have been directly correlated to causing  chronic disease, illness and other health problems.  While this can be a very sobering thought, the good news is that there are many things you can do from a holistic standpoint to minimize stress and anxiety and the impact it has on your body.

When I was first diagnos…

Great Super Yummy Smoothies To Give You Super Awesome Energy, Health and Wellness

When going through an especially stressful time our energy begins to wane and we begin to feel just plain exhausted and tired.  When under stress we don't sleep as well and over time our immune system begins to go down.  I know because about five years ago I was full of anxiety and stress. I had no energy and my sleep patterns were awful. I had to change my lifestyle completely.  One of the major lifestyle changes I did to help fortify my immune system was drinking green smoothies that included super foods.  Here are some great smoothie recipes that I have used. I drink a smoothie everyday - especially during STRESSFUL time!

Super Energy  Kale Smoothie
1 1/2 c Almond Milk (unsweetened) 1 1/2 heaping tbs. Almond Butter, raw
1 Banana, frozen (frozen is key)
1 bunch Kale (about 2 cups)
Extra Goodness: although not required, so much tastier and healthier with!
1 tbs Hemp Seeds 
1 tbs Rice Bran
1 tbs Bee Pollen

Apple Beet Energy Smoothie Ingredients ½ cup orange juice 1 gala apple p…

Foot Massage A Great Way To Relieve Stress

goggle images Foot massage is a wonderful way to relieve stress and to relax. Whether someone gives you a foot massage or you give yourself one, it is a wonderful holistic way of taking care of your health and wellness. Step 1: Stroke the top of the foot
Stroking stimulates circulation and warms the foot. Holding your partner's foot in your hands, on the top of the foot begin a long, slow, firm, stroking motion with your thumbs, starting at the tips of the toes and sliding back away from you, all the way up to the ankle, then retrace your steps back to the toes with a lighter stroke.
Repeat this step three to five times, then stroke the bottom of the foot in the same manner.
Step 2: Ankle rotations
Loosens joints and relaxes feet. Cup one hand under the heel, behind the ankle, to brace the foot and leg.

Grasp the ball of the foot with the other hand and turn the foot slowly at the ankle for three to five times in each direction. With repeated foot massages, any stiffness will begin …

Get In Shape, Drop Pounds, and Reduce Your Stress -Exercise 10 Minutes A Day

goggle images I have found that doing quick intense workouts really have made a difference when it comes to my stress levels.  Studies have shown that doing quick workouts that are intense for short durations of time to lower stress are even more effective than working out for an hour. While regular exercise can be wonderfully effective for building resilience, even a little exercise can go a long way toward stress relief.

The key to burning calories during short workouts is to crank up the intensity and work harder than usual. This means increasing your Perceived Exertion to between 5-9. To burn more calories shoot for 10 minutes a day of:

 •Running - You don't have to sprint, but try to run faster than normal

•Speedwalking - Walk as fast as you can without breaking into a run. It's harder than you think!
•Walking the stairs - Run or walk up a flight (or more) and recover by slowly walking back down
•Hill-walking - Find a medium-sized hill and walk or run up as fast as you can. Re…