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How To Heal Your Mind, Body and Spirit Through Color Therapy

We live in a world that is full of color. In the course of a day we notice colors all around us, what we are wearing, the colors of the flowers as spring comes, even the colors in our office and home environment. Color is everywhere and can actually impact how we feel and how we heal.

On my show The Wellness Journey! Sherry Burton-Ways, Design Psychology Coach and Certified Feng Shui Expert and I talk about colors and their ability to heal our mind, body and spirit. Ms. Burton Ways shares information about color and energy, how color impacts our health, and ways to increase our peace and joy through color.
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8 Ways To Survive and ThriveThrough Mid-Life's Challenges and Transitions

I talk with women every day about the different challenges they experience as they go through the wonderful experience of mid-life's challenges and transition.   While the challenges and transitions are diverse, the one commonality is the ultimate victory that comes when you press through those challenges and transitions.

I wanted to share with you 4 Wellness Journey interviews with women who personify the ideal Wellness Woman.  All of them have gone through some kind of adversity, all of them have an original way of looking at the experiences life has givens them, and all of 4 of them have a philosophy of optimism that directs their life everyday.

Second Act - Finding Treasures Amid Life's Wreckage   Interview With -Award Winning Author. Judy Pearson

Challenge. Crisis. Catastrophe. No one sails through life without a stormy day. But sometimes those storms send us so far off course, we feel as though we’ll never recover. Illness, job change, divorce, financial woes, the dea…