8 Ways To Survive and ThriveThrough Mid-Life's Challenges and Transitions

Wellness Women 40 and Beyond - all thriving and transitioning to mid-life with great expectations!
I talk with women every day about the different challenges they experience as they go through the wonderful experience of mid-life's challenges and transition.   While the challenges and transitions are diverse, the one commonality is the ultimate victory that comes when you press through those challenges and transitions.

I wanted to share with you 4 Wellness Journey interviews with women who personify the ideal Wellness Woman.  All of them have gone through some kind of adversity, all of them have an original way of looking at the experiences life has givens them, and all of 4 of them have a philosophy of optimism that directs their life everyday.

Second Act - Finding Treasures Amid Life's Wreckage  
Interview With -Award Winning Author. Judy Pearson

Challenge. Crisis. Catastrophe. No one sails through life without a stormy day. But sometimes those storms send us so far off course, we feel as though we’ll never recover. Illness, job change, divorce, financial woes, the death of a loved one: whether your storm is personal or professional, we must find ways to recover and return to our ability to contribute to our families and society as a whole. Join me and Judy as we talk about her journey through diagnosis and survival of breast cancer, what she learned that was most valuable and how she now knows the value of  A 2nd Act

How To Make The Shift To Living a Life of Spirituality, Virtue and Love  
Interview With -  Philosopher, Elaine Yoshikawa
What is the shift journey? Many people involved in the spiritual movement are now talking about the shift from experiencing life as a human being having spiritual experiences to a spiritual being having human experiences. There are many ways to think about this shift. Join us as Elaine Yoshikawa, PhD discusses some ways of thinking about the shift, from the perspective of values, virtues, and unconditional love. 

Seven Steps To Financial Abundance 
Interview With - May McCarthy, Millionaire Entrepreneur  

Just like Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Steve Jobs, and Albert Einstein, you can learn to rely on intuition to achieve more of what you want in all areas of your life.  Join me and May McCarthy, 34+ year serial entrepreneur, angel investor, author and philanthropist as we talk about how to have abundance financially and in every area of your life.  May will share the simple daily steps that will help you to achieve more of your goals, have a financially abundant , and spiritually rewarding life.

My Secret Life As A Bulimic
Interview With - Iris Pastor, One of Huffington Post Top 25 Bloggers

Iris Pastor shares her story of how she decided to deal with her demons and make a change in her life in order to save her life. Iris, had been a bulimic for 46 years. She hid her condition from her family, husband, friends and parents.   Her story is one of compassion, sensitivity yet told with a sense of humor.   It is a story that will ring true with many.  We all have secrets, things we keep to ourselves that we know we need to fix.  Iris’s story is inspirational and one you do not want to miss.

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