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#1 Reason Women Don't Take Care of Themselves First & Why It is SOOO Important To Increase Your Self-Care

I have to admit that I could do a better job of taking care of myself.  Yes, since I am a Wellness Expert you would think I would not have a problem with making sure I take good care of myself. But frankly, I suffer from the same thing that most women do when it comes to taking care of themselves FIRST and FOREMOST. 

The number one reason women do not take care of themselves first; the number one reason women put themselves on the back burner; the numeral uno reason women put off taking better care of themselves is...GUILT.    That's right the number one reason women put off spending time doing things they want to do, taking care of themselves first, putting their self-care on their priority list, is GUILT. 

I confess that I too have suffered from GUILT when it came to taking more time to take care of me.  But when I found out I had an anxiety disorder, I realized that I needed to take myself from the back burner and put myself on the front burner.  I had to take more time to care f…

OMG The Holiday Hustle and Bustle Is Back - 12 Holistic Ways To DeStress The Mess and Increase The Joy During The Holiday Season

This particular season is definitely full of hustle and bustle.  The time has flown by! But either way, it goes, there are ways that you can decrease the stress and increase the joy during this holiday season! Journal  - Getting your feelings out as the holiday's progress can be helpful.  Make it a priority to take some time to write in your journal and write everything down! Write down how your day went and if it didn't go well write why.  Go ahead and write down all the negative feelings, frustrations, hurts, anger whatever it is you are feeling. Walk It Off - Adding a quick walk to your day can help relieve that holiday stress. Getting outside in nature and taking a brisk walk does wonder for alleviating stress. Try taking a quick 15-minute walk to energize you and boost your mood.Nap - The holidays are busy but it really is okay to take a break during the day.  Take a power nap for about 15 to 30 minutes during the day.  You will be refreshed, renewed and re-energized.  Ene…

Five Important Ways To Care For Yourself While Caring for Loved Ones During The Holidays

 5 Important Ways To Care for Yourself While Caring For OthersDuring The Holidays
It is so easy to put ourselves on the back burner when caring for others.  In fact, it is not unusual for caregivers to find themselves getting sick while caring for others. 
We should never put ourselves on the back burner.  By the time we reach back to on the "burner" to do something for find it's hard to even find you on the burner. There is so much other stuff going on that you let take precedence over your own needs.  

The good news is that you can make up your mind to make a change.  You can decide that NOW is the time to put yourself on the front burner without any guilt or shame.  

Here are 5 important ways that you can start taking better care of you: 

Nature Yourself  - even if it is for 10 to 15 minutes each day you have to take a break and GO OUTSIDE.  Walk around the block, or just sit outside.  The fresh air (no matter how cold or hot it is) is invigorating.   Being outsi…