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Five Essential Oils That Are Great For Women Over 40

Start taking better care of your body with essential oils

After 40 your body starts doing its own thing.  Every woman has a different experience with their body changing after 40.  Most of you will agree with me that there are definitely some changes we all have experienced:
weight gain and bloatingmoodinesslack of energysleeplessness I have talked to many women over that last 7 years about their various symptoms and many have tried all kinds of methods to try to either get rid of the symptoms or at least minimize the symptoms.

I have tried herbs, vitamins, working out, diet changes, and counseling.  While all of these methods have had an impact, I find that essential oils have had the most significant and lasting impact.  I love my herbs but essential oils can be 50 to 70 times more powerful.  For instance, one drop of 100% organic peppermint essential oil has the potency of 12 tea bags of herbal peppermint tea.

These are the oils I have been using to help me with my "over 40 sym…

When Did You Loose Your Mojo? Here's How You Can Get It Back!!

I just came back from a two week bout with the cold and flu.  As I think about it now I realize that I started feeling poorly when I lost my "mojo". What is my definition of "mojo'?  For me "mojo" is another word for that part of me that keeps me motivated,energized and inspired.  That part of me that gets excited about what the day may bring. That part of my personality that gets going at top speed even when things get tough!  

We all hit points in our lives when we just don't feel like moving forward.  We sometimes feel overwhelmed, discouraged and fatigued.  There are some days when we don't even want to get out of bed!  When I realized I had lost my "mojo" I was already sick.  So what could I have done to make sure that I kept my energy, enthusiasm and motivation to get through the day?  I gave it some thought and here is what I am committing to, to make sure that I keep my "mojo"and my health. 

How to keep your "mojo&quo…

NO TIME FOR ME!!!! - Making YOU A Priority

Can you possibly heal if you don't take care of yourself?

Every woman I know takes care of this that and the other thing too besides herself! What happens when illness, fatigue, grief and all around weariness comes? Can you possibly heal yourself if you don't take care of yourself?  Short answer: NO! The mind, body and spirit requires an amount of attention and care. Colds, Flu and chronic illness not to mention stress has an adverse affect on the body, yes mind and spirit. When you are not feeling well everything is HUGE and unreasonable! Your body follows what your mind and spirit feels. So what's your defense?  NONE...It's the offensive that is needed! Take care of yourself first then all other things fall into place. YES, I said take care of yourself FIRST. Difficult to imagine? You are a Mother and have children and a husband, a business woman with a business to run, grandchildren to motivate....LOL...and yourself DEAD last!!

 Remember the flight you took? The fl…