NO TIME FOR ME!!!! - Making YOU A Priority

Can you possibly heal if you don't take care of yourself?

Every woman I know takes care of this that and the other thing too besides herself! What happens when illness, fatigue, grief and all around weariness comes? Can you possibly heal yourself if you don't take care of yourself?  Short answer: NO! The mind, body and spirit requires an amount of attention and care. Colds, Flu and chronic illness not to mention stress has an adverse affect on the body, yes mind and spirit. When you are not feeling well everything is HUGE and unreasonable! Your body follows what your mind and spirit feels. So what's your defense?  NONE...It's the offensive that is needed! Take care of yourself first then all other things fall into place. YES, I said take care of yourself FIRST. Difficult to imagine? You are a Mother and have children and a husband, a business woman with a business to run, grandchildren to motivate....LOL...and yourself DEAD last!!

 Remember the flight you took? The flight attendant gave instructions in case of an emergency! What was the thing said to do first? Yes, put the oxygen on yourself first! Sometimes we forget without oxygen we can't survive. And if you administer first aid to someone with superficial wounds and you are bleeding profusely what happens, right? Apply the life line to yourself so that you may be able to advocate for others. You can't be a functioning  Mom, Sister, Wife or friend without first taking care of your needs. I know because this was me! It takes practice to learn to take care of yourself.  To allow yourself FIRST! To be KIND to yourself. To LOVE yourself!

Deciding to take care of my needs is the best decision I could make for myself and my family. Waiting on someone else to take care of me or give me what I needed to be well was a recipe for failure. I want success and decided mind, body and spirit I am a success in every area of my life. Thus I am MAKING TIME FOR ME!

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