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PraiseWorks Upper Body Workout

Spring is here!  Time to shed our winter coats.  Come on ladies - lets do this!!! It is simple, takes a few minutes a day and the rewards...well lets just say heads will be turning!

PraiseWorks Upper Arm Body Workout

Check out our health and wellness products on the store tab at PraiseWorks Website. We have great products that will help you get your metabolism under control, help you strengthen your joints, and basically bring your body into balance. FrequenSea is one of those great products. I use and endorse this product.  At 53 soon to be 54 I would not be still dancing professionally.  It works!

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Great Exercsie for Strengthen Back Extension

Here is a great exercise to do when working on strethening your back muscles. I have done this when I have lower back pain and it works!!! Just take your time while you are doing it - remember Rome wasn't build in a day so take it easy. Do this maybe once or twice a day to start. You will eventually get some back relief! Back Extension

30 Days of Motivation to Weight Management

I have found that the first 30 days of any weight management program you need some guidelines to help with the change of lifestyle that will bring you to total wellness for your mind, body and spirit. These tips will help get you there. Try one everyday and you will find making that shift to a healthier lifestyle is not only achievable but a fun journey that will lead you to better health

1 Change your mind set Today make a list of three goals you would like to accomplish regarding your health this month and write a contract to commit to achieving these goals, sign it, put it on a wall where you can see it , tell your family and friends about your new commitment to get fit

2. Where do I start? Today start think of yourself as already achieving the goals you have set for yourself , start affirming, decreeing and declaring that you will stick to your goals and commitment to getting fit

3 You’re not taking away your adding. Add something healthy to your diet. Perhaps an apple inste…

Event: March 22 2 PM Pacific

Join us to talk with Dr. Ripich ND, CNP about managing our wt and lowering our blood sugar levels. The information shared here is invaluable. tune in tomorrow at 2pm PST

Event: March 22 2 PM Pacific

Herbs Can Prevent Stroke!

Everyday I hear about someone else under the age of 60 who has either died of stroke or had a stroke. Stroke is one of the top five killers of Americans and in many cases can be prevented.

Prevention of stroke can be treated holistically. Here are some proven herbs and plants that aide in the prevention and in some cases the treatment of stroke.

Ginkgo Biloba
Ginkgo Biloba is used both to prevent and treat stroke. It helps to prevent blood clots from developing and increases blood flow to the brain. This herb has also been shown to inhibit free-radical formation.

Ginkgo is widely used in Europe to treat complications of stroke, including memory and balance problems, vertigo and disturbed thought processes. Many studies show that this herb increases blood flow to the brain.
*helps reduce weakness of the capillaries which are the tiny blod vessels that go throughout our body
*ginko is non-toxic unlike so many other stroke medications produced by the pharmeceutical companies
*many Euro…

Praie by the Pool - Forida Connection

Praise by the Pool - Florida Connection a gospel concert PraiseWorks will be sponsoring at Fort Desoto Park in St.Petersberg Here's the video - enjoy!