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The Power of Hope – Reclaiming Your Life After Tragedy

One thing that is a guarantee in life, we will experience heartache, heartbreak, loss, and tragedy.  Unfortunately, these events in life can’t be avoided.  When these life events bombard our lives many times we don’t think we can make it.  Many of us may say “If one more thing happens….” I know I have said that before. This is one of the statements that went through Reverend Tammie Denyse’s mind.  She had been through the tragedy of losing her Sister, her Father, being diagnosed with Cancer and the biggest heartbreak of all, losing her Son.  The unspeakable pain and loss that she felt were almost unbearable.  But through all of the loss, Tammie Denyse knew that her ultimate survival would be her first line of defense: HOPE.
Tammie Denyse shares in her book “The Power of Hope – Reclaiming Your Life After Tragedy” how her journey through hopelessness, disconnection, disillusionment, abandonment, and hurt led her to ultimate healing and grace. Listening to Tammie Denyse gives one a sens…

Understanding The Healing Messages in Our Dreams

Our dreams.  How important are they really and how can they help us to have a more well life?  How do our dreams impact our ability to heal?  The reality is that studies have shown a direct correlation between the interpretation of our dreams,  and our ability to use them to guide us our ultimate healing. Showcasing the important role of dreams and their power to detect and heal illness, Dr. Larry Burk and Kathleen O’Keefe-Kanavos share amazing research and true stories of physical and emotional healings triggered by dreams, in there new book “Dreams That Can Save Your Life , Early Warning Signs of Cancer and Other Disease”  They share in their  book detailed stories – all confirmed by pathology reports–from subjects in medical research projects whose dreams diagnosed illness and helped heal their lives, including Kathleen’s own story as a three-time breast cancer survivor whose dreams diagnosed her cancer even when it was missed by her doctors. Kathleen Kanavos and Dr. Larry Burk sh…