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Dealing With Loss and Grief in Mid-Life

This year (2019) certainly did start out with a bang! 

I started a speaking tour with 3 other wonderful women - "The Self-Love Explosion" empowerment and motivational speaking event for women over 40.    I also had a new book come out in February "Power Up Super Woman"  a collaborative book written by 17 women who share their stories of courage and wisdom, truly an empowering and inspirational book.  I  also had started working on new classes for my online school Holistic Living and Wellness Academy.  Life was going pretty good ... then the bottom fell out.

My father, Dr. Marion J. Woods,  passed away.  He was 87. 

You can never prepare for the loss of a loved one, especially a parent.  Over the last few years, I knew that my fathers time was getting shorter.  It was just a feeling, but strong enough to give me the desire to spend as much time with him as possible.  But given that, the grief and pain are still very present.

My father was a community leader, and acti…