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Suffering From Symptoms of Menopause? These Foods Are Part of My Daily "Eat To Beat Menopause Formula"

I decided sometime ago to tackle my journey through menopause and hormonal changes as naturally as possible.  It has definitely been a learning experience.  I have tried a bit of everything.  What I have learned is that what might work for one woman may not work for another.  But you don't know until you try!  The trade off for not trying is a very frustrating, uncomfortable and sometimes just plain painful experience.   I am not a Doctor and urge you to consult your medical practitioner before you try any of these ideas if you are having serious menopausal symptoms.  

That being said here are my  top foods that I use to help keep my hormones balanced.  In addition I exercise at least 30 minutes everyday, take a good multivitamin, make sure I get plenty of rest, meditate and practice yoga to reduce my stress and use essential oils to help facilitate relaxation.

Anti-oxidant Vegetables - eat plenty of organic vegetables that function as anti-oxidants.  Dark green veggies:…

6 Keys To Spiritual Wellness - Day #75 On My Journey to Wellness

'Tis the season.  Everywhere I look I see the holidays.  Normally this is my favorite time of the year. But this year I find myself a bit more reflective about the season.  This particular season has me thinking about my overall spiritual wellness.  It is no secret that I have a faith based company and that I am a Christian.  But when I talk about being spiritual I am not talking about your religion.  Spiritual Wellness for me is seeking the true meaning of life and what my role is in this life.  Simply put Spiritual Wellness is taking the time to learn how to connect with yourself, nature, and ultimately your destiny. 

As I grow older I find myself striving to connect more the divine within, digging deep to connect with the reason God placed me in this body and this life.  I know sounds deep but for me at this stage of my life I find I want to spend sometime discovering who I truly am or want to be.

Here are the 6 keys to spiritual wellness that I strive for in order to stay sp…

Favorite "Anti-AgingTips" - Day #63 On My Journey To Wellness

Not too long ago I turned 57 years young!  It is hard to believe that I have actually been on this earth for 57 years and that I am 3 years from 60. Where has the time gone? 

Many people have asked me how have I managed to stay looking so young.  I think that is funny because in my minds eye, I don't feel I look that young.  But I do know that I feel great, and have endless energy. Perhaps it is my attitude and approach to life that makes me "look" young. I don't know can be the judge (but not to harshly - lol)

Here are the tips I have used especially over the last few years (see it is never too late!)
Take a Trip - Visualization has become a part of my daily routine.  Not just day dreaming but actually visualizing myself as healthy, vital, and whole.  I always visualize myself working out, eating the freshest of foods, relaxing near a quiet stream, and taking a moonlight walk.  I basically visualize the wellness I seek for my life.  Sound crazy?  We…