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Wellness Woman Wednesday Webinars - Tips on Anti-Aging Techniques, Naturally Reduce Stress, and Enhance Your Energy

Register for these quick "How To" webinars that will heal and enhance your mind, body, spirit connection.  All of these tips I include in my wellness regime.  I am so excited to share them with you on the Wellness Woman Wednesday Webinars.  Enjoy!

Herbs, Teas and Treats for the Body
A 30 minute webinar that will share information on herbs and teas that will help increase your wellness. Information will be shared on herbs and teas that can help with sleeplessness,increase energy, increase focus, help with PMS symptoms, aide in minimizing menopause symptoms and much more.

DYI Anti-Aging Solutions for the Skin
A 30 minute webinar that will share some of my favorite anti-aging tips.  Topics will range from dealing with dry skin, reducing stress, minimizing wrinkles, facial exercise and much more.

How To Remove Blocks, Get Breakthroughs and Live an Abundant Life
A 45 minut…

The Wellness Journey After Party - Living A Gluten Free Life for Beginners

Ramona Fusula, Certified Health Coach  and I talk about eating gluten free and why it might be important for you to consider making a change in your diet to reduce the gluten in your diet.

5 Reasons You Need to Continue to 'DO YOU' -No Matter What Anyone Else Says

About 15 months ago I remember distinctly a loved one saying to me “You know Lynnis you are getting older.  You really should stop dancing, and perhaps teach dance.  You have such great experience it should be shared with others. Plus, you don’t want to be one of those people who is up there looking bad and people are saying  'she really needs to sit down’ ”   I remember these words like it was yesterday.  They were powerful words because they came from someone who says they love and care about me.  I don’t doubt that they do but I must say that my self-confidence took a real blow and I stopped dancing. But what happened as a result of my letting go of something that truly is a part of my essence?
I began to loose my focus- for me dance was a way for me to connect with the divine within and to connect with God. It helped me to focus on my relationship with myself and God. It help me to focus on something within essence
I started to loose my creative…

My Gift To You -Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond E-Magazine


10 Super Foods That Are Great For Aging Skin

About one year go I  found my skin changing.  All of sudden I had  dryness and splotches on my skin.  This is the first time in my life I have ever had a problem with my skin.  My first thought was that it was something that I must be eating.  But my diet hadn't really changed.  Then I realized the awful skin is aging!!!  It was almost funny.  I don't really think of myself as "old".    It just hadn't occurred to me that perhaps it is time to take a look at my diet and what I can do from a natural basis to improve my skin.

I have always been a healthy eater.  I am basically eat lots of green leafy vegetables, drink about 60 ounces of water a day, closely watch my sugar intake.  When it comes to meat I eat only salmon and occasionally turkey breast.  But I also realized that if I add more super foods to my daily menu that will help my skin as I mature. Here are my super foods that I eat on a regular basis.  These supper foods have made a great differe…