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A Great Hot Drink for Mid Life!

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6 Ways To Stay Healthy During Stressful Times

These days everyone seems to be stressed about something.  The sad thing is that after a prolonged period of time under stress the results can adversely impact your physical and mental health.  Prolonged stress can eventually cause:

headachemuscle tensionchest painfatiguereduced sex drivesleeping problems upset stomach anxietylack of motivation and focussadness and depressionirritability angeralcohol, drug and tobacco abuseovereating exercising less On my Facebook Live Show "Lynnis Minutes"  I share 6 ways that you can stay healthy during stressful times an avoid some of the symptoms listed above. 

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Am I Stressed Or Anxious, Or BOTH? What's the difference and how can it be treated ?

Reprint from with permission from it’s great that society is in an era of championing mental-health authenticity and awareness, extreme stress and anxiety are still all-too-common states for so many folks getting real about mental-health struggles and the internet (sometimes unfortunately) at our fingertips, it’s still easy to confuse stress and anxiety. Simply put, they’re both traumatic states of emotional and psychological strain driven by a vague feeling of impending doom or upcoming deadlines. There are, however, huge differences between the two that are important to note since best practices for approaching and treating the conditions are hardly one and the same. Here’s the lowdown on stress and anxiety—and how to handle both. 3/6 What exactly is stress?  The most notable difference between anxiety and stress is that stress almost always comes with an identifiable cause, according to therapist and social worker Scott Dehorty, executive director at addictio…