Slimming Down Butts,Thighs and Hips - Ready? Let's Do This!


I can't believe it is already August!!! Where has the time gone?  As the saying goes "time waits for no one" and that is definitely true for me.  

The last two months I have been traveling through the East Coast of this great country. I have visited the Nation's Capitol, gone to Disney World, seen the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, Florida, and spent time in wonderful cites such as Atlanta and Baltimore. AND I have been feeding my face!!  That is right Miss Health and Wellness got off the beaten path and the last three weeks of my traveling was spent indulging. Seriously indulging....cookies, ice cream, late night raids of the refrigerator...I was really bad. BUT no more.  I am ready to make some changes and loose this...flab. 

 This is me in the backyard - about 7lbs over my limit and the inches....I can't EVEN talk about it!!

So today is the first day of many days that I will be blogging about my progress.  As of August 1st I am meeting my own challenge - Slimming Down the Butt, Thighs and Hips!  My good Sister/Friend Carol Dunlop of Optimum Sculpting has a designed an awesome program that I am going to share with you. The goal is to do routine every day for a week. Next week I will post another routine.

I will be blogging about this adventure and also sharing some tidbits here and there about what to eat and drink.  After all I am a health and wellness coach ...I just kinda fell off the wagon for a few weeks!! BUT - I am back ready to be better than ever!

Here are the instruction for our fitness challenge:

Sections A and C will be performed in Rounds. You will complete each round and then move directly into the next.
  • The first workout of the week, you will perform 3 Rounds
  • The second workout of the week, you will perform 4 Rounds
  • The third workout of the week, you will perform 5 Rounds
The middle section, B, will be performed in 2 sets. You will use the Tabata Abs timer in your GymBoss timer app to keep track. You perform 20 seconds of the exercise then rest for 10 seconds. You keep doing this for 4 minutes or a total of 8 sets. Then you do it all over again for another 4 minutes on the second Tababata Abs move.

In order to get the most out of this program. Download the following apps to you Android, Iphone, Ipad, or Computer:
My Fitness Pal
Gymboss Interval Trainer

Okay Ready? Here is the first week of exercises! Carol Dunlop of Optimum Body Sculpting is demonstrating the exercise in case you need an example.  Lets Do This!!

Section A: Perform 3 rounds back-to-back, then rest 1 minute
  • 10 Jumping Jacks: Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, jump your feet out to wider than your hips as you bring both your arms overhead, then return to start
Click Here To See How To Do Jumping Jacks

  • 10 Mountain Climbers: Start in a standing position, then jump your feet out from underneath you as you stretch your body out and land on your hands and toes. Then jump your feet back towards your hands, stand up and clap with your hands over your head.
 Click Here To See How To Mountain Climbers

  • 10 Pushups: Start out with your hands, wrists and shoulder in direct alignment with your hands positioned directly under your shoulders, your legs and back straight and resting on your toes. Bend your elbows, keeping them close to your body as you lower your body as far to the ground as possible, then push your body back up, remembering to keep your back straight so that there is no dip or roundedness.
 Click Here To See How To Do Pushups

Section B – Tabata Abs: Perform each Set using the Tabata Abs Timer in your Gym Boss timer countdown

Set #1: X-files Crunch:
Lie on your back with your hands and feet straight, in an X-fashion. Lift your right leg and your left arm at the same time and touch, then repeat on the other side.
X-files Crunch

Set #2: Bicycle Crunch:
Lie on your back with your hands behind your neck and cradling your neck, not tugging. Bring your shoulders off the floor, at the same time that you bring your legs up. Twist your body so that your right knee meets your left elbow at the same time, then twist to the other side and return to start.
 Bicycle Crunch

Section C: Perform 3 rounds back-to-back, then rest 1 minute (exactly the same as Section A)
  • 10 Jumping Jacks:
  • 10 Mountain Climbers:
  • 10 Pushups:

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  1. Excellent job Lynnis, this is day 1 and you are already on track to "Awesomeness!"


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