Week Two- Slim Down Butts,Hips and Thighs Challenge - Check It Out!!

 Come on-m Let's Do This!!

Here is Week 2 of our Slim Down Butts, Hips and Thighs Fitness Challenge.  I am so excited. The first week was challenging and the second week is challenging also! BUT the good thing is that last week I lost and inch in my thighs, waist, butt!! This workout really does work.  Carol Dunlop, of Optimum Body Sculpting has designed a workout schedule that is truly awesome.

Each week, you will receive a new workout for the following week. It will be broken down into 3 sections – A, B, C. You will perform Sections A and C exactly the same way. They are just broken up for convenience and to give you time to rest.
Sections A and C will be performed in Rounds. You will complete each round and then move directly into the next.
  • The first workout of the week, you will perform 3 Rounds
  • The second workout of the week, you will perform 4 Rounds
  • The third workout of the week, you will perform 5 Rounds
The middle section, B, will be performed in 2 sets. You will use the Tabata Abs timer in your GymBoss timer app to keep track. You perform 20 seconds of the exercise then rest for 10 seconds. You keep doing this for 4 minutes or a total of 8 sets. Then you do it all over again for another 4 minutes on the second Tababata Abs move.
You should already have downloaded the following apps to your phone, tablet or iPad:
  • GymBoss
  • My Fitness Pal
  • RunKeeper
Alternatively, if you do not want to download and configure the GymBoss app, you may use this workout music. Included in the file is the 4 Minute Tabata Music and the 5 Minute 50/10 music for workouts that you will perform in weeks 4 and 6. To use the music with the workout, simply hit the play button on your device, once you have downloaded it, once the music ends hit play again or put it on a loop so that it continues automatically. But you may want to do it manually so that you have a rest in between.

Section A: Perform 3 rounds back-to-back; then rest 2 minutes before continuing to Section B.
     15 Burpees:
     Start out in a standing position. Jump your feet back and out from under you, land flat on the floor, bracing yourself with your arms. Jump your feet back to your hands, stand up and clap over your head.
    25 Walking Lunges:
    Start in a standing position, walk one leg out in front (wide stance), being sure to keep your knee behind your toes and inline with your ankle, then bring the back leg out in front of you and keep going.
     35 Squat Jumps:
     Start out with your hands behind your head, resting on your neck with your elbows out to the side. Come down into a squat and jump up as high as possible.

Section B – Tabata Abs: Perform each Set using the Tabata Abs timer countdown
Set #1: Plank Jumps:
Click hereto view the video
Start out in a plank position, on your elbows and toes. Jump your feet out to the sides, then back.

Set #2: Elbows to Knee:

Lie on your side with your body straight. Rise up so that only your knee and your elbow on your right side are touching the floor. Bring your left knee up to meet your left elbow. Once you hit 2 minutes or 4 cycles, switch to the other side.
Section C(Repeat of Section A): Perform 3 rounds back-to-back; then rest 2 minutes before ending with 5-10 minutes of stretching.

    15 Burpees:
    25 Walking Lunges:
    35 Squat Jumps:



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