One Day Can Change Everything

This morning I was tired. Tired of pushing myself to workout, tired of making sure I ate the right thing, took the right supplements, make sure I had my "quite" time, my journaling time...just plain tired.  Ever have a morning like that?  I was just in a "bad, poor me" mood.

As I went through the motions of my morning, setting my day, trying to shift my attitude I heard a distinct voice that said "One day can change everything".  Now what was that supposed to mean?  I thought to myself "you are going to have to make what you are trying to tell me plainer than that statement". Again, the voice, "One day can change everything".  I stopped and allowed myself to reflect on what God was telling me.  Once I stopped focusing on my "tired and bad poor me mood" I understood.   We never know when that one day may be the day where everything can be changed for the good. That one day when you make the goal, complete the project, receive the good news...something that can change EVERYTHING for the good.

For me, that is what choosing a holistic, fit and healthy lifestyle is all about. We may not see the result of our efforts to change our lifestyle to one that is healthier as soon as we would like. It is hard work. There is not always instantaneous gratification and we have to figure out how to stay motivated enough to continue the journey that we hope will take us to the place we want to be.  It is difficult sometimes, it is tiring often, frustrating occasionally, and many times plain hard.  BUT if we stick it out through the stuff that ONE DAY does come and boy does it feel good!

SO ...I back on the journey again. Expecting the good, enthusiastically anticipating good results, and ready to do what is necessary to accomplish my goals to a healthier and fit lifestyle. No it isn't always fun or easy and there are mornings like I had today...BUT just remember that "One day can change everything" and on that day you are feeling better, looking better, have more energy and you are ready to go to the next leg of your journey to total wellness for your mind body and spirit!

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  1. That's the way you achieve your goals, one day at a time. No one said it would be easy, but moving forward DOES get results and how sweet they are. Good job Lynnis!


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