Monday, June 1, 2015

Want to Minimize Symptoms of Menopause- Try Adding These Foods To Your Diet


Eating certain foods will definitely help to minimize menopausal symptoms.

I can always tell when I am not eating enough of the foods I should eat to get me through my symptoms of menopause.  I immediately see an increase in all my symptoms. Once I start eating the right foods again I start to feel better and more importantly my symptoms decrease.   In this video I share with you some of the foods you should definitely eat when it comes to helping you through menopause. Of course, everyone is different , but I found that the foods I talk about in my video are also recommended by Holistic Doctors and Medical Doctors.   For recipes using these foods go to my website at and get for FREE "Eating The Rainbow"  cookbook.  (For  more videos on mind, body,spirit wellness for women over 40 go click here)

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