How To Go Into The Second Half Of Your Life Feeling Fit & Fabulous

People ask me all the time how do I maintain my energetic personality and "youthful" look.  I finally wrote a blog about it about a year ago (  )    While the tips I shared still hold true there are many ways you can maintain or improve your vitality, reinvigorate your "youthful glow" and thrive through the second half of life. 

This past summer I had some great guests on "The Wellness Journey-LIVE" who also had some really great tips to share about how to thrive, stay youthful and even increase your energy while moving into the second half of your life.  I have included the links to these top rated shows.  You will want to listen to them more than once.  Our guest experts share some really amazing tips that will help you enhance your overall wellness and vitality.

How To Melt The Fat Away - Techniques To Help You Manage Your Weight
Carol Dunlop, weight loss and fitness expert for women over 40,  one of the featured Wellness Women in Wellness Woman 40 and Beyond e-magazine and the Owner of Optimum Body Sculpting, joins me to talk about techniques you can use today to drop inches and pounds. Carol has some wonderful tips and techniques that can help give you the results you want when it comes to your weight management

Eat, Play and Love Yourself Healthy!!
 Join me and Dina Garcia, RD,LDN as we talk about how to have a good time this summer getting fit and taking good care of you!  Tune in for some great information on how to drop inches and pounds without dieting!  Find out how to plan simple meals that are delicious, healthy and fun to make.  We talk about how to make some small changes in your lifestyle when it comes to your weight and fitness, that will give you some BIG results!

How To Go Into The Second Half Of Your Life Feeling Fit & Fabulous
 As we age many times we have the tendency to let go a bit and not workout, not eat what we should, and basically kind of walk away from feeling the need to be fit.  That's okay right? After all we are getting older.  What difference does it make?  Well...It makes all the difference in the world! As we age it is more important than ever to stay fit, eat well, and to take an active part in our self-love and self-care.  If you are over 50, over 60 and beyond, now is the perfect time to really take good care of you so that you can continue to age and still be healthy!

 Gut Feeling - Taking Care of Your Gut Health
Have you ever heard  of the phrase "listen to your gut"? That may be true when it comes to intuition.  And while that advice often refers to our internal thoughts it can also have to do with our digestion. Having a health gut really does determine your overall well being.   Connie Costello, Health Coach talks about the importance of gut health and tips you can start right now to improve your gut health and enhance your overall wellness.

For more great shows on The Wellness Journey-LIVE - click here

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