21 Ways To Create A Life You Love!


These are exciting times!! 
I was recently invited to be one of 21 experts taking part in a fabulous event called the ‘Brokenhearted to Openhearted’ telesummit.  As one of the 21 experts, I get to invite my friends. That’s you. 
This FREE telesummit will help you ‘Awaken to life’s possibilities to create a future you’ll love’ as we (who’ve been there, done that and struggled before finally getting the hang of it) share the tips and tools to effect significant positive change in your life. As you know, heartbreak is an opportunity to do life differently… with some guidance. 
Join us as we guide, motivate and inspire you to achieve better wealth/finance/career, dating/relating/sex, thought management/life balance, spirituality/inner peace, authenticity/self-worth, family/work/friend relationships, health/wellness, future visioning/goal setting, purposeful work that pays well.
Sign up here at http://bit.ly/21WaysToCreateALifeYouLove  and receive an interview a day as soon as we go live.
And if that wasn’t enough… 

Each of the experts has a special FREE gift just for you! Now that’s a win-win for you!
‘Brokenhearted to Openhearted: Awaken to life’s possibilities to create a future you’ll love!’ Sign up Today! http://bit.ly/21WaysToCreateALifeYouLove 

Be prepared to:                                                          
·         Heal
·         Learn
·         Grow
·         Be Inspired
Feel free to invite a friend or two who may benefit from listening to experts who’ve been there, done that and made their fair share of mistakes before actually getting it right!! They’ll thank you for it! I know I would!!


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