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When I was in seventh grade, I received the greatest Christmas gift of all: My dad bought me and my three siblings each a new set of luggage. I loved my new three piece set from the moment I saw it…it was sturdy, red, and it was all mine! I loved it even more as I unzipped each section and pocket and discovered several fun gifts neatly wrapped and stuffed inside. Christmas kept giving, as I opened up the last pocket; inside were airline tickets to Mexico! We were taking a family vacation to Mazatlan, Mexico!!! Boy was I excited!
As our Christmas break was coming to an end, we returned home to snowy Colorado. When we were taking our luggage out of the trunk of our car, I noticed something quite disturbing: My brand new large carry-on piece had “Black Nasty Goo” on it! My heart sank into my stomach. I felt immediately sad and angry, as I knew by looking at it, that the stain would remain forever there.
In that instant, I had a choice to make: Either I could rant and rave and leave a mess in my wake…or I could put the situation into perspective. Even at that young age, hormones and all, I chose to put it into perspective. 

As a child, I often theoretically put myself in outer space and “looked” back to Earth and my life. The situations we think are so important and devastating are really not so much! Taking yourself out of a situation and looking at it from a different perspective gives you clarity. It takes the emotion out of it. It allows you to cool your engines and take a fresh look at the situation at hand. When you “look” at the Earth and your life from outer space…you will realize they are both so small in the big scheme of things. The “Black Nasty Goo” is microscopic compared to the Earth and to my awesome life!


We all encounter “Black Nasty Goo” from time to time. It comes in all different forms. What is your Goo? What is it that sets you off? What is it that gets your blood boiling? Whatever it is, if you really think about it, shifting your perspective will make it not seem so big anymore. Ask yourself, “Will this really matter in a week? In a month? In a year?” Most situations can be answered with a confident NO!
Do you think I was upset that my luggage was ruined? Yes, I was! Is it healthy to express disappointment and hurt feelings, anger, and sadness. Yes, it is! What isn’t so healthy is to blow situations out of proportion and to make other people feel guilty and badly about something that really doesn’t affect much. How do you think my dad would have felt if I blew up over this stain, after he just took us on a fabulous vacation to Mexico? How would my siblings view my reaction? How would that reaction make me look?
I love the book of Proverbs in the Bible. I glean so much wisdom and thought provoking passages that make me think outside the box and ultimately help me to be a better person. Here’s one that I just love:
Proverbs 29:11
A fool gives full vent to his anger,
but a wise man keeps himself under control.

This really says a lot. Seeking a healthier perspective gives us the power to remain in control of our words, thoughts, and emotions. Remember my example and this verse next time you encounter a “Black Nasty Goo”!


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