Jump Start Your Faith!! Get Inspired

I HAD A BAD DAY TODAY. Yes, I admit I had a horrible day today. Every door I opened seemed locked or when I did go through the door I was in the wrong room. Ever have a day like that?

I return to my office feeling defeated, deflated, depleted and depressed. I'm starting to question should I even be doing PraiseWorks, am I a good enough Health and Wellness Coach? Am I really supposed to be helping people achieve total wellness for their mind,body and spirit?

I open my email and there is the final nail on the coffin - 200 more emails over the last four hours. Now I was in full fledge pity party mode. Poor me, nothing is going the way I want it to... all is lost. Then my eyes went to one email in particular - something I would normally have read later. It wasn't a "high priority" email. But a voice said open it. So I did, I opened the email and got blessed.

The link below from Joel Olstein is what I found and I wanted to share it with all of you who at one time or another may have felt at the end of your rope, hopeless, tired, just plain overwhelemed. May this be blessing to you as much as it was to me. STAY FAITHFUL ,STAY HOPEFULL, OUR TIME IS COMING!!

Joel Osteen: Your Time Is Coming - Inspiration Report click here

“No matter how impossible it looks, if you’ll stay in faith, your time is coming.”
Joel Olstein

Interested in making a lifestyle change and start the your journey to total wellness for the mind, body and spirit? Our Journey to Wellness Coaching by PraiseWorks has some wonderful coaching programs that can help you make that lifestyle change to beging your own personal journey to wellness. For more information contact us at ourjourneytowellnesscoaching@yahoo.com.



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