Just Breathe - A Real Stress Reliever

Breathing exercises is one of the best stress relievers and a great way to increase your energy. One of the best breathing techniques comes from a yoga. It is the art of Ujjayi, the "psychic" or victorious" breath. The technique is very simple and extremely powerful when done correctly. Use this technique whenever you want to cool down in a stressful situation or just relax. Try it - you will see a huge difference in your stress level. • Sit comfortable with your eyes shut • Breathe in deeply through your nose at the same time contracting your muscles around the top of your windpipe. Focus on your throat and you should hear a gentle hissing sound. • Now, breathe out as slowly as possible through your nose. Focus on your throat and you will hear a gentle hissing sound. • Now breath out a slowly as possible through your nose, closing off the muscles around your epiglottis. Your breath will sound like you have a bad cold. • Breathe in and out in this way for six times • Now relax and breathe in and out normally six times. • Repeat this process four full cycles ( six Ujjayi breaths, six normal breaths) Listen to or discussion with Emory Stephens as he talks about breathing to release stress, his new "body" and you might even hear a free concert ....Enjoy! "The Wellness Journey" Interview with Award Winning Baritone Emory Stephens Interested in making a change in your life for the better. Do you want to learn how to relieve your stress, manage your weight in a way that you will keep the weight off, or pehaps learn more about living a holistic lifestyle? "Our Journey to Wellness Coaching by PraiseWorks" has 30 day and 60 day coaching programs that will help you make those much needed lifestyle changes. For more information go to www.praiseworks.biz. or email us at info@praiseworks.biz. Our rates are affordable and the results you will get from participating in our coaching programs are priceless.


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