Return Healthier From Vacation

Vacation can tempt the most disciplined person into eating things “they shouldn’t,” but by following a few tips, one can stay prepared and ready to tackle those sweet and fattening temptations. Stay ahead of the curve to ensure success.
Keep healthy snacks and bottled water on hand at all times. Far too often, people are tempted by scrumptious little treats, especially in places that are frequented by many tourists because the locals know they’ll sell well. If fresh snacks are not available, opt to carry dried fruit that will stay fresh. Before leaving for a trip, stock up on dried fruit, nuts and other snacks that will help to keep full and energetic. Place them in baggies and allot so many for each day to ensure success.
If you go out to buy food, buy them in small amounts. Even if a sweet tooth cannot be avoided. For instance, choose a small ice cream cone rather than a huge sundae. This will satiate a sweet tooth without going overboard. Skip going to a buffet and opt for healthier places, such as a restaurant that serves chicken and fish. Avoid oily and battered foods, simple carbohydrates and other foods that will contribute to rapid weight gain. Choose brown rice in place of rice. Choose sweet potatoes over white potatoes. Simply changing up an unhealthy food for a healthier one can reduce one’s intake by hundreds of calories. Add this up over a period of a week or two and the difference can be as much as a saved five to ten pounds of potential weight gain.
Eat often. Many times while on vacation people can get to sight-seeing and have too many activities crammed into the day. By the time it’s realized, everyone is starving and will seek out salty, oily and fatty foods. Take the time to eat. Plan ahead. Look up healthy choices within the vicinity of the place being visited that day. Try out fresh, local foods, such as fish caught by the seaside or special local fruit and vegetables.
Choosing a hotel with healthy eating alternatives is also beneficial. Further, hotels that offer amenities, such as a private kitchen make it easier to eat healthy. Another option is taking a small crockpot while on vacation. During the day, eat healthy snacks and other healthy options and while away from the hotel room, the crockpot can cook a mixture of lean meat, vegetables and other healthy foods to eat for dinner. Hotels that offer continental breakfasts have several healthy foods, such as oatmeal and fruit. Determining different aspects of your hotel and destinations area can be difficult. On a recent trip south I found a site that listed travel reviews for hotels in Miami ranging from the hotel itself, to restaurants in the area, even things to do. This made it easier than ever to ensure that I maintained my beach body while laying in the sun.
The idea of vacation is to see something new and come back feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Choosing to stay healthy on vacation is extremely rewarding for the trip and when one returns.  Coming back from a vacation with additional weight gain places a strain on physical and emotional energy levels. Come back rested and healthier. 

By Guest Blogger - Cole Millen 

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