How to Improve Your Concentration and FOCUS!

I recently read an article by Sam Horn , one of the premiere experts of on how to make things POP!  She helps individuals and organizations develop one-of-a-kind ideas, identities, niches and pitches that help their business or brand break out.  Below of some of her ideas on how to improve your concentration and F.O.C.U.S.
  • F – the FIVE rule- just as we are getting ready to get frustrated and are about to throw in the towel, we need to push ourselves just a bit more by exercising the FIVE more rule.  Read FIVE more pages, spend FIVE more minutes exercsing, work on FIVE more math problems etc…the FIVE more rule helps us to develop more discipline by motivating ourselves to go the extra mile even when we are just about to throw in the towel
  • O -ONE focus at a time – we are always thinking about what the next task or next issue we will need to tackle after we complete a task.  Many times we end up taking all of things to do and issues that we are juggling and kump them all together and try to work a little on each one.  Experts have shown that this kind of multi-tasking is not only the best way to get things done but our quality starts to slip.  Solution – focus on one thing at a time.  If you have multiple things to to do make a list, then pick that one thing you will focus on for the next 30 minutes or so. Block everything out and focus on that one specific task you are working on.  Tell yourself for the next 30 minutes I am going to focus on this one task.  You will be surprised how much more you will accomplish and how much you quality will increase.
  • C- CONQUER procrastination – now this is a good one.  Procrastination is  always a challenge for many of people.  My biggest challenge is dealing with something that is not always the most pleasant or easiest thing to do. R. D. Clyde said, “It’s amazing how long it takes to complete something we’re not working on.”  Ask yourself these questions, “Do I have to do this”, “Do I want to get this done and out of the way?”, “Will it be easier if I put it off to later?” When you answer this question you will realize that going ahead and getting that pesky task out of the way will clear mind and get of one less thing to on your list.
  • U- USE your hands as blinders – sometimes in order to focus on one particular task or assignment we need to put our blinders on so we can shut out all other stimuli that will keep us from achieving your goals.  Next time you have problems , perhaps focusing on something you are reading in an environment that has a lot  of distractions – use your hands as blinders.  Literally place your palms of each side of your face and block out everything going on around round you. Literally “out of sight, out of mind”  It really does work!
  • S = See As If For the First or Last Time - we go through out day to day activities in automatic.  How many of us have gotten behind the wheel of the care and the next thing we know we are at our destination and we are not sure how we got there?  If we took more time to really learn to appreciate our surroundings and take time to marvel at the overall beauty of our world we will improve our sense of concentration and focus.  As Sam Horn points out. “Next time your mind is a million miles away, simply look around you and really SEE your surroundings. Study that exquisite flower in the vase. Get up close to the picture on the wall and marvel at the artist’s craftsmanship”
Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Founder and CEO PraiseWorks,Inc
Lifestyle Coach - Health and Wellness
Host "The Wellness Journey" on Voice America Health  and Wellness Channel



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