Water, Nutrition at it's Finest!

I have been away for awhile busy with an event I was sponsoring "Praise by the Pool - II".  Well the event is over and it was a success.  I learned so many things as I always do when I give an event , but the most important lesson was something I thought I already knew about.  Dehydration!!!

Yes, Ms. Health and Wellness did not do a good job in keeping herself hydrated.  The surprise was I didn't even know I was dehydrated!  I kept wondering why I had a headache, why I felt tired,  why I was having problems focusing, and why I began to feel light headed.  Now I knew I was somewhat sleep deprived, but I have been sleep deprived before and didn't feel like this.  Then it dawned on me - when was the last time I drank any water?  Sounds ridiculous but I had not had one glass of water since I had awakened - about 15 hours!

As a result do you know what I did to my body?
  • I had deprived my body of the most important nutrient the body must have - we are composed of 80% water!
  • I put in danger my body's ability to regulate my body temperature
  • Because our muscles are made up of about 75% water, I was at higher risk of pulling a muscle, have cramps in my muscle, and unnecessarily straining my muscles
  • I put at risk my body's joints, water is the "oil" that keeps the joints lubricated 
  • My eyes were at risk because water constantly bathes our eyes to keep them lubricated and free from dust and grime
  • Water is also important when it comes to flushing out toxins, waste materials, and the water based transport products that help rid our bodies of cholesterol and unwanted fats were also in danger of being depleted 
  • My brain and spinal cord which are surrounded with water based components were endangered because of the lack of water consumption
We don't think about it as often as we should, but most of us are at some state of dehydration.  Basically we do not drink enough water.  There have been debates on how much water out bodies need but be assured that our bodies need more than what most of us drink.  Most health experts say we need at least eight 8 ounce glasses of water a day.  If you live in a hot climate like I do in California you might need more.  Think of it this way one 8 ounce glass of water an hour will do the trick and keep your body from danger of dehydration.

Your daily intake of water can also be counted in the fruits and vegetables you eat (preferably raw) and also the juice, milk, and soft drinks  (although juice and especially soft drinks can be loaded with sugar).  Be careful with coffee, tea, alcohol and other diuretics.

So bottom line do as I say and not as I did...drink water and plenty of it!  Treat your temple kindly, it's the only one you've got!

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  1. I am always drinking water and find the benefits to be varing. First water is essential to lubricating the muscle and keeping me from cramping as I exercise. Second, a key component for not just myself but anyone is good bowel health, water is essential as well for this movement;pun intended. I am appreciative of this blog especially because people generally still do not drink enough water. Thanks for the information and encouragment.


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