Saturday, October 30, 2010

How to Start Your Exercise Regeme - TODAY

                                                       Take a LEAP of faith and start today!

Many of us want to exercise but just lack the motivation.  It's not just excuses that we struggle with when it comes to exercise, but motivation is always a challenge. But we can start getting motivated  TODAY.


•T: Tell everyone you know that you are going to start exercising today and adopt a more healthy lifestyle. This adds to your motivation: When you share your goals with others, you won’t want to let them down.

•O: Organize a team of supporters. Consider your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, gym members, and even your doctor. Having folks in your corner to encourage you will help you through the plateaus we all hit on the road to better fitness.

•D: Decide how much what type of exercise you want to do. What would be fun for you to do?How many minutes a day do you want to exercise?. Keep notes, and post your progress daily.

•A: Act immediately. Start today! Stick to your program no matter what. If you slip up, just get up and restart your program. Make getting fit and living a healthier lifestyle your first priority.

•Y: You are the key to success. You want — and deserve — a to be vital, full of energy, and healthy!

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