Press Release: PraiseWorks Health and Wellness presents Dr. Candace House special guest on "The Wellness Journey," with Lynnis

Nationally renowned author, speaker and success coach Dr. Candace House will be the special guest on “The Wellness Journey,” with Lynnis of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, Inc. on Voice America   Live Internet Talk Radio. “The Wellness Journey airs every Monday at 11am PST and 2pm EST. Tune in and join the conversation this Monday December 20, 2010.
Dr. House will discuss:
Spiritual Wellness – Creating A Life You Want  
As Dr. Candace House wrote “Think about the story you’re living right now. Who wrote it? Did you consciously decide to create the reality you’re living now, or was it mainly shaped by yourself, parents, friends, spouse, school, or the media? If you don’t like the story you’re living, then change the perception.” Join us as we talk to Dr. Candace House about how you can create a spiritually well life that you want.  Dr. House will give us the tools we need to create a new reality where we are living a life that is genuine and fulfilling.

About:Dr. Candace House

A sought-after business/success coach and speaker, Dr. Candace House is the author of “You Frame Your World by the Words You Say,” “Shut the Door It Is Well”, “What is God Eating” and her new book “Dream Makers versus Day Dreamers”. Dr. House is the host of the television show The Breathing Room and her new show Today’s Dream Maker along with hosting three radio shows. Candace’s professional training includes a degree in Human Resource Mgt with continued education in the Christian arena. She has earned and titled Doctorate degrees in Theology, Christian Psychology and Divinity. An entrepreneur at heart, Candace worked with four fortune 500 companies spanning a 22 year time period. Dr. House is the Founder and CEO of The World Education Network conjunction with World Ed Learning, a company that provides curriculum, tutoring & technology for students around world. Her entrepreneur and success coaching practice is Your World Realized.


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