How to get kids to eat healthy snacks? Try these nutritious tips!

Let's keep our precious youth healthy!

As a parent myself I always struggled with creative ways to keep my children from snacking on food that I knew would cause health problems later - tooth decay, allergic reactions, obesity ....

I found many suggestions in cookbooks and on cooking shows. This was of course before the Internet - the stone age of writing on stone tablets and communicating through smoke signals. Just kiddin'

What I found was some very good ideas, that were tasty and actually fun for the kids to prepare. That was over 20 years ago and I am glad to say there are even more resources out there to help parents create healthy snack for children. But I am very sad to report that childhood obesity is at an all time high! We as parents or in my case grandparents need to take an active part in making healthy snacks a part of our everyday eating habits. Below are just a few suggestions. Some I used back in the day, others I am going to try with my grandson!

When you prepare these with your children, it not only gives you a chance for quality time but it also gives the children a sense of pride and ownership. They like to eat the things they make! Try it...

*Carrot sticks, apple wedges, celery spears--any fruit or vegetable dipped in peanut or almond butter.(watch for those children that have peanut allergies)

*Fruit smoothie. Keep frozen banana chunks and berries in the freezer. Put them in a blender with juice,soymilk or almond milk to make a satisfying shake you can both enjoy.

PB & J rollup. Spread a whole-wheat tortilla with a thin layer of nut butter (if you have peanut allergies try sesame butter) add an even thinner layer of natural fruit preserves. Roll up, and serve.

Quartered frozen grapes. Wash grapes, cut them, and freeze them. Keep them on hand and serve to ward off those pre-dinner hunger pangs. (Don't feed these to children under 3 because of the choking hazard they could pose!)

Trail mix.
Mix together raw sunflower seeds and raisins. Younger toddlers will enjoy the challenge of getting this from the bowl into their mouths.

Chickpeas. Drain and serve these, or any beans, straight out of the can.

Cucumbers - Wash and slice and dip in yogurt seasoned with a little soy sauce and dill

*** Check with your Pediatrician regarding toddlers, nuts (nut butters), and food allergies.


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