Help Me!!! I Can't Sleep!!!!

Last night I have to admit for the fourth night in a row I couldn't sleep!! I mean I tried everything. I turned off the TV, turned off the lights, put the Egyptian cotton sheets on the bed, took a hot bath, tried to meditate, I mean I thought I was trying everything. Finally I got up and got on the Internet. What I found out I want to share with you right now. This wasn't new information but it just reminded me that I need to first use the education I have about this issue and then guess what... actually "PRACTICE WHAT I PREACH"!

Below are some tips I will follow from now on when I am Sleepless in Sacramento!

*Focus on eating foods that are high in tryptophan - tryptophan is one of the 20 standard amino acids, as well as an essential amino acid in the human diet. Basically it aids in helping the body to relax and sleep. Foods that are high in tryptophan are bananas, honey, oats, milk, and chicken breast!

*Eat those carbs
- If you find you are craving carbs at bedtime that is not necessarily a bad thing. Eating a bowl of cereal,yogurt and crackers,or perhaps bread and cheese will not only satisfy your craving for carbs but will help you to sleep better.

*Try a very SMALL snack
- now I know about how bad it is to eat at bedtime...BUT studies have shown that if you eat a small snack it can help with your insomnia. Eating a big meal will not work. It makes your digestive system work that much harder and worst it messes with your metabolism - it slows it down. Next thing you know you have picked up a few pounds trying to get some sleep. So ...use wisdom. A small snack would be perhaps some raisins and nuts, sliced apples and cheese, or perhaps herbal tea and wheat toast.

*Put down the protein
- if you eat a big meal before bedtime with lots of protein you may not have such a great and restful sleep. The more protein you eat the harder your digestive system works which can make it difficult to sleep. On the same token please get rid of the burger and fries! Not only is it high in fat but it is high in protein which will be difficult on your digestive system not to mention the extra pounds you will put on eating a heavy meal at night.

*Skip the night cap
- many of us have thought "let me just have one glass of wine to help me relax". It does help us to relax but there are other side effects that really take away from a good nights sleep. The after effects of the alcohol can cause night sweats, tossing and turning, waking up numerous times during the course of the night. All of this adds up to NO SLEEP. Perhaps taking a "night cap" isn't the way to go.

*Fluids - if you really want to get a good night's sleep watch the liquids after 8pm. It is important to be hydrated but try to hydrate up to 8pm. Anytime after 8pm you will run the risk of waking up at night and taking two or three bathroom runs.

Now that I have these tips I am looking forward to a good night sleep. It sure will be great to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!

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  1. I sometimes have sleepless nights. I will try your tips to see if it improves.
    thanks for sharing.


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