How to Spring Clean Your Home and Your Mind!

This is the time of the year that I always talk about Spring Cleaning. The reality is that Spring Cleaning the house is not the real challenge for me. The real challenge comes with Spring Cleaning my mind! Clearing out the cobwebs, letting go negative thoughts, letting go of things that are beyond my control, and trust the Creator who supplies all my needs. The act of Spring cleaning our minds, hearts and souls resonates with me. I am learning to forgive myself and to stop thinking that when I make a mistake or fall show of my expectations that I have committed some kind of ultimate failure. The reality it is through these mistakes that I learn (eventually) and come out a better more patient and tolerant person. Are you doing some Spring Cleaning soon? Does it include Spring Cleaning you mind? If not perhaps you should give it a try. Really start anew both in the tangible and the intangible. Spring Clean Your Home and Mind-


  1. I really like the link between spring cleaning for the home and for the mind. I've found clearing the clutter in our brains makes us more proactive lending more room for thought processing and brainstorming. ~Ms. Toni

  2. I just shared. We could all use a spring cleaning annually.

    TAOU for now,

  3. Lynnis, I enjoyed reading your Blog Post. I truly think we all need to clear our minds, so that way we can receive more.


  4. Springtime is the right time to clean away all that you've mentioned. The negative, like clutter, takes up so much space in life! That space could be used for new, fresh and clean (positive) thoughts.

    My latest post - Remember the MGM


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