How To INCREASE Your Exercise When You Have A Busy Schedule

I know, did you read that title correctly?  How to INCREASE you exercise during the holidays? Seems impossible doesn't it with all of the activities we all get involved in from day to day.

When you really think about it what is ultimately important is your health and maintaining an exercise routine that can help you stay healthy.  Here are a few tips to help you stay focused and stay focused.
  • Early Morning Plan - take 10 minutes in the morning to go over your plans for the day. If there are some extra "to do's" that might interfere with your exercise take them out and re-prioritize. Look for reasons to squeeze in your workout time keep your "to do" list to those things that are time sensitive and have to be done that day. Make sure that your workout time is always on your "to do" list, seeing it there everyday plants the seed and helps solidify your commitment to stay in shape
  • Tell a friend - tell your friends, family and co-workers that you planning to keep up your exercise routine even though it is the holidays and busy time of the year.  When you tell people they will ask you about it, help motivate you and hold you accountable.  They will give you the little "umph" you need to keep up your work-out routine.
  • Special Planning - take a few things off your regular to do list.  Perhaps every month you volunteer to help at the snack bar at the high school games, just for this month find a replacement for those kinds of activities. Taking some of these kinds of responsibilities off your list for December can go a long way
  • The "Why" List - make a list as to all the reasons you should exercise. Listing them will not only remind you why it is important to exercise but will also serve as a further motivator for you to continue to exercise.

Interested in more tips to keep you healthy?   Take our Free Assessment and find out where you fall when it comes to your overall health and wellness.


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