Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Get Rid Of The "I am Hungry" Feeling

Want some quick tips on how to get rid of the  "I am Hungry" feeling in a healthy way?  Take a look at the tips below:
  • If you want to fill up in a good, lower- calorie way eat at least three “satisfying foods” so that you eat three "satisfying" foods: soup, salad, whole grains. They help you fill up in a good, lower-calorie way so you eat less of the "bad" foods.
  • Don't live by bread or pasta alone. Combine carbohydrates with protein or fat in every meal or snack. "A couple of pieces of toast won't have the staying power that an egg, toast, milk and fruit would," the authors write.
  • Buy whole foods instead of processed food. Fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains offer more taste for fewer calories. They are high in fiber, too, giving you the bulk needed to feel satisfied.
  • Let yourself feel hungry without becoming starved. Don't eat until you're hungry, but also, don't let hunger grow to the point you'll devour anything. The authors recommend eating a meal or a snack every three to four hours.
  • Try new, healthy foods. Petrello, in particular, advocates plant protein. Try tofu, edamame, lentils, beans.
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