How to Stay Heart Healthy - Five Tips That Work!

My name is Isabel Mejia over at Food is Our Friend I'm excited to be writing for the Praiseworks Health and Wellness Blog!

Our hearts carry everything from our passions to memories to  health. Heart disease is the number one killer of Americans and it's imperative that we take the steps necessary to prevent and help battle this killer disease.

5 Tips for Keeping Your Life Heart Healthy

1. Make Smart Substitutions.
 It's the little substitutions that add up to big benefits. Choose baked tortilla chips instead of fried. Eat frozen fruit bars instead of ice cream bars. Drink water instead of a sweetened drink

2. Healthy Cooking and Food Prep
When you prepare meals at home, you have better control over portions, ingredients, and overall health of the meal. It's important to eat foods that are closest to nature. Packaged foods usually have additives to help extend the shelf life, but fresh foods are the healthiest for you.

3. Eat less salt. 
Salt is necessary for nutrition in our diet, but we are consuming more than necessary amounts which raise our blood pressure and put us at risk for a heart condition. Avoid added salts by using herbs for flavors instead of seasonings. Fresh vegetables and fruits are food naturally low in sodium and also add flavor, while providing nutrition to nourish your heart. 

4. Cook with Better Oils
  Having high cholesterol is a major risk factor for heart disease, so choosing the right oils is important. Use liquid vegetable oils and avoid trans fats. Go for canola, olive oil, grapeseed and sesame oils because these are the lowest in saturated fats.

5. Reduce your overall stress. 
Remember to laugh out loud! You did it as a kid, so keep it up all through your adulthood. Life is is short and there's reason not to keep it happy. Remember a funny incident, watch a comedy or read something humorous because it'll put less stress on your heart and overall health.

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  1. I found your blog very informative. It really gives insight to the readers on how to maintain healthy well-being.
    Ann | Wellness Philippines

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback. We hope you will keep coming back for future postings. Lynnis


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