Health and Wellness in 28 days! Renew, Re-energize,Restore

Robert Brace Celebrity Trainer and Food Network Television Star and PrasieWorks Health and Wellness for our Awesome Arms July Challenge.  Below are some of Robert Braces “Robertisms” - advice he gives all his clients as they work on renewing, re-energizing and restoring their bodies
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   Robert Brace, Celebrity Trainer and Food Network Star
·         "No wasted reps!!" I repeat this phrase constantly in my classes and on The 28 Day Challenge DVD system! When we are going for a goal, every rep counts. Don't waste them. Once you have the correct form, take time to slow down your repetitions and move through the full range of motion, so that you fully extend and contract your arms as your exercise requires.
 ·         Soda? Sweets? Fried Foods? Decide today to knock them out of your diet! Remember: you eat it, you wear it!
 ·         Lose the excuse! At this stage its easy for excuses to creep in or to feel good about yourself and fall off the wagon. Stay focused, keep pushing!
 ·         Get more intense with the F.I.T. principle:
Frequency: If you workout twice a week now try three.
Intensity: Increase the amount reps or sets you fit into each workout.
Time: add 10 or 15 minutes more to your workout
 ·         If you want to see more definition, increase the amount of cardio and intervals in your workout to strip down body fat. How can you take it higher?
 ·         Breath! Get the most out of every rep. When working out breathe out every time you flex the working muscle.
 ·          One of the most important components of my 28 Day Challenge is the diet. You won't see results if you're not feeding yourself the right, whole, nutritious foods your body needs to grow stronger.
 ·          If you want to see more definition, increase the amount of cardio and intervals in your workout to strip down body fat. How can you take it higher?
 ·         Boost your calorie and body fat burning by going on a run today! Sprint one block, or about thirty seconds, then walk the same distance. Repeat 8 times.
 ·         Make sure you eat enough!! Missing meals slows your metabolism making it hard to burn body fat! Fill your meals with good, whole foods filled with lean protein, fresh produce, and nutrients!!
 ·         Don't be scared to use weights on your arms! Lifting weights will help you lose weight and sculpt your body. It increases lean muscle mass, which raises your metabolism, helps your body burn more calories and gets you toned and defined. Just make sure to choose weights that you can perform 12-20 reps with!
  ·         Try Super Sets! A super set is when you do two exercises on the same body part back to back with one minute's rest in between. Try doing a set of 10 pushups followed by a set of 10 dips. Rest one minute and then do it again! You WILL feel the burn.
My secret to shockingly fast results on the 28 DayChallenge is the Fast, Fierce Form principle. Fierce form means executing every rep with super focus on perfect form. Correct form maximizes the effectiveness of your muscle toning and fat burning while improving your posture and preventing injury. Fierce Form gets your body where you want it to be FAST!
 Listen to Robert Brace on "The Wellness Journey!" 
Listen to YouTube Star Franchesca Ramsey as she talks about her physical transformation after doing Robert Braces "28 day challenge"



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