How to Naturally Enhance Your Beauty

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Me! 55 and wonderful WITHOUT plastic surgery

We live in an age of instantaneous gratification. No longer is the phrase "good things come to those who wait" carry very much credibility in our "microwave" society. The idea of  patience being a virtue is almost passe'. Telling your friends "let's wait and see what happens" will probably be met with a roll of the eyes and exasperated sigh from all who hear you.  Everybody wants everything NOW. We are definitely in the "I want it NOW" age.

In my humble opinion (okay not so humble - perhaps) I think that the idea of plastic surgery falls in the "microwave" genre of quick fix solutions.  Just think of it, after weeks of planning, hours of painstaking surgery, weeks of recovery, possibly time for treating infection, you too can be under whelmed by the results (well I did say it was MY opinion).  Let's face it many people go through plastic surgeries expecting one result and many times get another result that isn't really pleasing.  What if you could find a replacement for the face lift, eye lift, jaw tuck,  and collagen injected plastic surgery type solutions?  What if you could find a way to naturally enhance your beauty AND roll back the time clock on your looks 10 to 15 years?

Cynthia Rowland has the answer. Cynthia has found and studied a method that has been used  for years. She added her signature to this process to make it spiritual, healthy and fun. Through the "magic" of facial exercise, Cynthia has taught thousands of women how roll back the clock, and look 10 to 15 years younger.  By doing these exercises we can tone our facial muscles resulting in a more youthful and refreshing look.

Here is an interview with Cynthia Rowland on "The Wellness Journey!".  Listen, as she shares with us some of her secrets on how to attain and keep natural beauty.  Cynthia Rowland on "The Wellness Journey!"


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