Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Relieve Your Stress With These Easy Moves

These moves are great when it comes to relieving stress.  I do them at the end of the day, but it can be quite calming first thing in the morning. It is relaxing and can help relieve the tightness that comes with stress.

This movement begins with lying on the floor with a blanket under the hips. Then form the letter L from your body by lifting the foot and hold it on the wall. This movement will make a slow heart rate and reduce the swelling of the ankles due to stand or sit for too long.
yoga viparita kirani pictures

This movement also begins with lying on the floor, followed by bringing both feet up to the groin. Yoga helps you to breathe better and reduce the strain on the groin. In addition, you will focus on the achievement of increasing respiratory anxiety you feel.

yoga supta baddha konasana

This position is quite easy to do, because you just lie on the floor and posing like a corpse. This yoga works to assist the extension of the spine and provides an opportunity for the body and mind to rest. In addition, this position always remind you to relax and let go of the stress that you experience.
yoga savasana pictures 

Simply hold the yoga movements on each for 5 minutes to relieve symptoms of stress you feel.
Source - miatoria.com 

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