Health and Wellness Goals - Achieve Your Vision

                                                          Great goals for your overall health and wellness in 2013!                                        

Every year I set goals and objectives in general for my life. This year I decided to set goals for my health and wellness too. I am following this plan to achieve my goals and I thought I would share it with you!
1. Set clear Health and Wellness. The key to making New Year Health and Wellness Goals to stick is to get very, very clear not only WHAT you want to achieve, but WHY you want to achieve it. Are your goals based on wanting to be healthier, to be thinner, to run a marathon, to reduce your stress…Whatever your goals are know the WHY behind your goals.

2. Create your vision for Health and Wellness . To help you stay on track, create a visual road map called a Vision Board . Gather pictures of things that make you feel good inside, that motivate you to achieve your health and wellness goals. Create a collage to view every day. You can also create and electronic vision board that you can review everyday while on line. You can add images as you find them that resonate with you and your vision for 2013. Here is my "Vision of Health and Wellness for 2013"Pinterest Board.  Feel free to add  your image that represents your vision of health and wellness for 2013.

3. Affirm Your Health and Wellness. Create a list positive affirmations and commit to saying them to yourself in the mirror each morning no matter what. One of my favorites is “ Everything I do moves me to total wellness for my mind body and spirit” If you need more affirmations sign up for my Daily Wellness Affirmations or click here to get 30 days of  health and wellness affirmations. We have wonderful affirmations and well as fitness challenges that will help you achieve your Health and Wellness Goals for 2013. 


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