Don't Forget To Do These 5 Things When Making Smoothies (If You Want To Get Healthy and Loose Pounds)

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When I first started making smoothies I was only into the fruity smoothies. You know the ones with the peaches, berries, bananas...all yummy and all with a lot of sugar!  Okay...since my goal was to drop a couple of pounds and get healthy I looked into other smoothies that were healthy, tasted good, and helped me to drop unwanted pounds. 

I have learned quite a bit over the last three years about making smoothies.  What to do and what not to do depending on what your goals are.   In my case because I am in the middle of menopause I am always looking for ways to reduce calories, get more energy, and replace nutrients that may be depleted as a result of stress.  

Here are the five things you want to do when making smoothies if you want to drop some pounds and stay healthy!

FIRST - I know fruit is good for you but watch the sugar content.  Be careful of all those great banana and berry smoothies.  Bananas mangoes, and cherries are high in sugar and while they contain many vitamins and nutrients you might want to consider using fruits from the berry family, melon family and apples.  Less sugar ultimately mean less calories.

SECOND - I love the mean green!  I use just about every kind of dark green vegetable there is when it comes to making smoothies.  My first love is kale which is full of nutrients, but you can also use spinach, romaine, chard,  collards,  and kale.  Fruit smoothies are yummy but adding the mean green really makes it more nutritious!

THIRD - Make a smoothie a super smoothie by adding these super foods.  Try adding Gogi Berries, Acai Berries, Chia Seed, Flax Seed, Maca Powder, Spirulina, Hemp Seeds, Coconut Oil, Aloe, Greek Yogurt and Bee Pollen just to name a few.  These foods are full of the important vitamins and minerals that we don't always get from our daily food intake.

FOURTH - Make a gentle detox smoothie at least once a week, they not only taste great but are really good when it comes to gently removing toxins and improving your overall wellness.  Click here for a great detox recipe 

FIFTH -  Get creative!  I love trying new things in my smoothie. The other day I added tomatoes, kale, and and apples with ice.  It was wonderful! I also use almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk and rice mild (not all at once). I haven't used dairy milk in over five years. I enjoy adding lemon, lime, cinnamon, almond butter, nutmeg,  natural vanilla flavoring ...the list is endless.  It's fun to add new ingredients and you really open your smoothie world up to infinite yummy possibilities. 

Some wonderful smoothies that have some of the ingrediants I  just mentioned above:

Kale,Berry and Acai Power Smoothie

Green Warrior Smoothie

20 Delicious Green Smoothie Recipe E-Book

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