Can I Drop 10 lbs in 10 Days? What Are You Doing To Drop The LBS? 3rd Day on My Journey to Wellness

3rd Day on my Wellness Journey!!!
can I lose 10lbs in 10 days ..can you?

It is day three of my wellness journey and so far I have touched upon two of my wellness goals. 
  • more movement of at least 30 minutes a day
  • starting my day in a positive way
  • working on dropping those unwanted 10 lbs!!!!

I would love to drop 10 pounds in 10 days but is that realistic?  The experts say that quick weight loss never stays and eventually you gain back the weight you dropped quickly and perhaps pick-up even more weight.  Bottom line, I think it all depends on you and what you are willing to do.  (see the book below for more information)

How can I meet my goal of losing 10 pounds and keep those 10 pounds off?  There are so many diets out there, so many weight loss coaches, so many diet fads etc.  How do I decide what to do? After some thought I decided to go back to basics and to keep the following in mind:
  • There are NO quick fixes to losing weight and keeping the weight you lost off!
  • Diet supplements do not work - there is to much evidence that supports this fact!
  • Fad diets don't work!
  • Every BODY is different.  What might work for you may not work for me. I have to develop a plan that works based upon what will resonate with me. 
  • Strength training is tough but it is essential to losing weight!
  • It's all about making a LIFESTYLE change!
 Taking all of this into consideration. I have decided to add things to my diet that I know are healthy and will promote curbing my cravings, lowering my calories, and most importantly improve my overall health.  I know from my experience of being a whole food eater for over 20 years;  when you make it a point to eat healthy, you find yourself not wanting to eat food that is bad for you.
These are the foods that I will be eating to get to my goal.  All of them have great nutritious benefits and with the exception of the yogurt meet my wellness goals.

I am also going to make sure I watch the stuff that will pile on the the pounds over time - like SUGAR!!! A real killer for weight loss and your health.  That is a another topic I will cover during my wellness journey. 


a bowl of fruit with a  Blueberry Smoothie 
images courtesy of Google images

Spinach Salad with avocado
images courtesy of Google images

Quinoa and Black Beans (new recipe for me...if you would like a copy email me at

images courtesy of Goggle images
For more great healthy recipes check out my ebook "Eating The Rainbow" it Free! Click Here

Movement for Today
My 30 minute walk this time in the evening and today, I am doing strength training!  I will be writing more about that tomorrow.  I will be working on a workout plan using dumbbells and Pilates!!! Fun..yeah right!

Looking forward to Day 4...come back and find out whats happening!! 

See ya tomorrow! On my way to strength training!!!


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