How to Walk for Wellness for Your Mind, Body & Spirit AND Burn Calories Too!!!

Pumped after my early morning walk!

Well, today is my first day of my new wellness program for ME!!  Yes, I am going to practice what I preach on the "for real" side and I will be blogging about my progress daily. least that is my goal!!

Why is it necessary for a Health and Wellness guru such as myself to start a wellness program?  I mean after all I am supposed to be in shape, healthy and well. Right? NOT!! I have been so busy working and building my business that I have let myself slip and now it is time to get busy.

Here are my wellness goals:
  • to drop ten pounds in three months
  • spend more time in meditation and reflection
  • get my 30 minutes of movement in EVERY day (walking, strength training, dancing, stretching, yoga and Pilates, whatever I feel like for the day)
  • work/life many 12 to 16 hour days lately (even if  my business is my passion to much work and no play is not healthy!!)
  • start a 21 day detox (drinking my Asea every day, increasing water,no dairy, no sugar, decaf only!)
  • work on my thyroid and adrenal health
So today - I started with my movement routine for the day. First of all , I didn't feel like it! I woke up feeling a bit tired, my back was hurting, my side was sore,and I was feeling anxiety around the fact that I didn't want to walk. Now normally I would have just gave in and not walked.  But I have made a commitment and I was determined. So I said my prayers, took my shower, loaded my backpack for the day and took off for sites unkown.  Not exactly what I had planned but guess what as long as I am moving for at least 30 minutes as day I am happy.

It was just after sunrise when I began walking.  I was beautiful!  My mood instantly improved and I began to feel some ENERGY!  Yes this walking thing in the morning isn't so bad. 

A brisk walk in the morning...a beautiful way to start your day.

Then, I put on my favorite walking music.  I started with this song, my favorite get happy and get movin' song.  Now I am movin' and groovin' feeling great!!  Suddenly my aches and pains are gone, my spirit is soaring, my mind is starting to think in a "can do" pattern.  Baby...I have arrived.  I am now on my way to implementing my Wellness Plan.  By the way...while I was walking take a look at was going on with my body and burning calories!! I walked a total of three miles.  YES!

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  1. Thank you Lynnis for sharing your 21 days detox and wellness journey with us. looking forward to follow it


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