Started the Day Out Negatively - This is How I Turned It Around ....Day Two on My Journey to Wellness

I have to admit that yesterday was fabulous!  I took my walk, ate healthy and basically had a great productive day. 

Today, I hit a wall.  What can I say I was just off.  Everything seem to be a chore.  I dragged myself to shower, dragged myself to breakfast, dragged myself to the computer to work.  Something was off. What was it? 

Finally it occurred to me...

I didn't start my day the way I normally do.  I didn't start my day in a positive way.  

I truly feel that every day when we first open our eyes you HAVE to do three things
  • Thank your Creator for opening your eyes in the first place
  • Visualize what a beautiful,positive and productive day your going to have 
  • Drink 8oz of lemon water before your feet hit the ground (it wakes up the brain, after all the brain is 90% water!)
I didn't do anything like that when I opened my eyes. I immediately thought about all that I needed to do, got out of bed and basically felt like crap!  But, here is the good news, you can have a do over.  Have you ever done that? Basically stopped where you are and kind of redo the start of the day.  Okay so here is my do over that I did to reset myself into having a positive day:
  •  Wrote down three things that I am grateful for right now in this moment in time
  • Put on some happy/inspirational music to chase away my negative attitude. Here is what I am listening to right now
  • Close my eyes and begin to visualize how the rest of my day is going to go 
And whola...I have rerouted the impact of my negative start to the day.  I am now approaching the day with a sense of joy and peace. Now, I am ready to move forward with my wellness plan of nurturing my mind, body and spirit!   

Ready for the day now!!!


Here's My DeTox Drink - Asea 
(taste like sea water but it really cleans you out on the cellular level 2oz in am, 2 oz in morning, along with 640z of water)

Here's what I had for breakfast! 
(love it feeling, nutritious and blueberries are great anti-oxidants,Cinnamon for a boost of energy)...sticking to the reduced dairy!!)

Here's what I am having for lunch! Kale and Butternut Squash Salad with Almond Chips
(the kale really helps curb with my cravings )

Here's what I am planning for dinner
(spaghetti squash with tomatoes,parsley and a side salad of romaine, avocado and tofu with sesame dressing

My movement for today??? Dance like no one is watching..while cleaning the house!!  Seriously I am putting on my favorite music and dancing for thirty minutes around the house.  Love it, can't wait.  Boy I feel more positive just thinking about!

I love any kind of Latin music. The beat just gets me moving!

How is your wellness journey coming along?  Share with me in comments. 

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