Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The One Must Have You Need To Keep Your Metabolism Up, Your Immune System Strong and Your Body Flushed of Toxins- Day 13 on My Journey to Wellness

Lately,  I have been looking at those foods, herbs and spices that are must haves in order for me to have a strong immune system, keep my body flushed of harmful toxins, and help boost my metabolism. I have found there is one ingredient I must have everyday...

Yes, everyone knows that garlic is good for them but do you know why? There are many many medicinal uses for garlic.  Here are just a few.

IMPORTANT - One thing about garlic can kind of stay with you. Bad breath is certainly one of the left over residuals of eating garlic.  BUT I have a solution that works for me so give it a try. To get rid of that "garlicky" smell:
  • wash your hand thoroughly with cold water and then rub your hands on stainless steel surface (seriously it works)
  • try chewing on of these to get rid of garlic breath: parsley, fennel seeds, fresh citrus peel,fresh mint leaves, and caraway seeds (and of course brush your teeth and use mouthwash)
  • eat an apple
  • green tea, lemonade and water will be helpful in washing out the odor from your mouth.
  •  a lack of carbs can also contribute to bad breath, so have a slice of bread with your next meal
  •  adding more saliva to your mouth is key in getting rid of bad breath. Chewing gum, especially those kinds with cinnamon, is great in covering up bad smells 
  • take a teaspoon of mustard and swish it around your mouth for a minute before spitting it out. Then take another half-teaspoon and swallow. This will go down to the stomach and kill the smell throughout your body
If you still can't stand the smell of garlic you can always go for orderless garlic.  Click here for more details.

Few other notes about garlic and weight loss
  • garlic speeds up the metabolism 
  • garlic acts as a diuretic
  • garlic eliminates fat cells
  • garlic is a powerful detoxifer
  • garlic regulates blood sugar fluctuations which gives us those unhealthy cravings

To get the best effect from fresh garlic cloves chop them or crush them and let them sit a minute before you use them.  Letting them sit and get oxygen activates allicin, the active ingredient responsible for the garlic benefits. The best benefits of garlic comes from using it raw but cooked garlic also has great medicinal benefits.

Click here for a great recipe using raw garlic.

Click here for some additional tips on healthy ingredients you should include in your kitchen cabinet.

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  1. Garlic breath is really not a good thing. To avoid it, you can also take Odorless Garlic And Parsley Supplement Pills. You get the benefits of garlic without offensive odor.


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