10 Tips To Keep You Well After 40 and Beyond -Sharing Along My Journey To Wellness

One of the best things you can do after 40 is MOVE 30 minutes everyday!!!

When I turned 40, I really didn’t think that much about it.  I still looked like I was in my early 30’s and I felt great.  But, on the day I turned 40, a friend much wiser than I gave me some advice on how I should treat my body as I get older.  I have used these tips and they have made such a difference in my health that I wanted to share them with you!  

10 Tips to Keep You Well After 40 and Beyond

Visit Your Gynecologist on a Regular Basis-  at the sensitive menopausal age of forty it is the time when emotional and hormonal issues start to haunt the physical state of a woman. This is the time when women must be regular in visiting the gynecologist.  Make sure you have  a Pap smear, pelvic exam and doctors breast exam. The risk to cervical cancer and breast cancer are much higher after 40.

Find A Good Massage Therapist  a massage therapist can do wonders in helping to balance your hormones, soothing those aches and pains that you find to be on an increase after 40, and helping to remove the toxins that can store up in your system. 

Be more conscious of your food intake – after 40 your metabolism does eventually slow down. It is important to begin to watch your food intake when it comes to the calories you consume. Also you want to begin to get the most out of the food you eat. Make the calories count by having a healthy diet

Increase Your Intake of Calcium – increase your calcium through dairy products  and other foods packed with calcium.  As we age our calcium deposits go down and we want to ensure that we keep our calcium levels at an adequate level. Ask your Doctor to run test for the calcium levels in your blood.

Make Exercise An Important Part of Your Daily Regime - make a commitment to move at least 30 minutes a day.  Yoga, aerobics, walking, kick boxing, skating, dancing, whatever you enjoy doing include it as a regular part of your life.  Check with your Doctor first before you start a vigorous workout

Stop Smoking!!! - as soon as your age clock strikes forty make sure you quit the habit of smoking and drinking if you are into it. Cutting down these unhealthy habits is a must at this age.

DeStress Your Mess – cut down on the stress in your life and learn how to reduce the impact of stress on your body.  Learn how to be more peaceful and calm.  Stress can cause numerous aliments physically and emotionally.  To learn more on how to reduce the impact of stress on your life clickhere.

Control Your Cortisol Levels – Cortisol is the hormone that is secreted in higher levels during stress.  One of the results of high cortisol levels is weight gain and the overall “thickening” of the body.   Cut down the level of caffeine in forms of tea, coffee, and chocolate intake.

Connect More With Nature -  it is important  to connect with nature as you grow older.  It is renewing and reenergize to take a walk, get some sunshine, spend time at a park or perhaps a day at the beach. nature and avoid all the synthetic and junk products. Keep a strict eye on the junk food you consume and cut down its level to lowest possible.

Love Your Body -be conscious of your body. If you experience any changes in your body like knot or changes in your skin don’t take it lightly and make sure to check with your physician.

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